Friday, September 11, 2015

Support Our Police

" Thank you officer "... It's unfortunate those simple words are rarely spoken in todays violent times.The men & women who swore an oath to defend our laws & safeguard our livlihoods from unlawful attacks now themselves are being attacked.They put their lives each day on the line when they assimilate the duties of " public protector " & respond to our calls for help & support.
What kind of world would we have without their presence? It would be a world where our children could not grow & play without fear; a world where the elderly can no longer defend themselves from predatory assaults; a world where we could not work or sleep without our lives being subjected to unlawful victimization.It would be a world of " anarchy " where " evil " consumes " good " & we would live in perpetual peril & violence.Let us show the criminals that we " support " our police & we are thankful for their sacrifices which provide for our safety & well being & that in a time of crisis we have their back.
The police & law enforcement community deserve our " support " & our " respect " & not our " disdain ". I am ever thankful that I live in a community where  when necessary & called upon I can say " Yes officer " & " Thank you officer ". God bless & protect our men & women who wear the badge of honor, " Our Police ".  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz.... Todays Thomas Jefferson ? ..... " We the People " Endangered Dogma ?

Thomas Jefferson who drafted this nations Declaration of Independence & also revered for his visions of establishing a nation based on individual freedoms & rights & a belief in God as its foundation is becoming a "fable " in todays govn't dominated society.John F Kennedy once held a dinner for a group of political minds at the time & was quoted " this is perhaps the assembly of the most intelligence ever to gather at one time in the White House with the exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone ".Jefferson the " statesman " was also a renowned author of history & government of his day & has published the following statements: The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work & give to those who would not. It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.A principle which if acted on would save 1/2 the wars of the world. History convinces me that bad govn't results from too much govn't. To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves & abhors is sinful & tyrannical. Why then is our nation in such turmoil & our govn't selling & taking away our childrens futures & our cities & towns going bankrupt? It's so sad yet so scarey that the obvious solution to our current erosion of society,family,human rights,values & world conscience is yet again so simple & so basic & so doable yet we erode even faster? Corrupt govn't & greed & abuse of corporate power over the last 40 yrs has so polarized our remaining older generation ( boomers ) & has so brainwashed & numbed our young that simple & basic are no longer visible.We live today both in our schools & daily media with illusion & promises of good things to come that apathy has polluted our ambitions & our emotions are muted with all the smoke & mirrors we experience each time we attempt to vent our concerns & rage. Thomas Jefferson had an advantage..He was part of a culture & society & free spirit populace that would not sit down if tyranny became the alternative.People would join hands & donate their blood & lives for the freedoms & labor they strived for.Today politicians & corrupt business leaders have methodically eradicated their opposition with calculated polarizing our citizens & feeding our youth with gadgetry & immediacy of living that spreads as a cancer to destroy any attempt by a few to organize & promote the truth & simplicity of change.If we the people can again unite & just say "NO" ...there is still a chance.The damages are deep & it will not be painless however we must not delay & we must stop it "now" if our children & future generations are to live in "freedom" & pursue "happiness" as we once dreamed & died for...... It starts at home...the boro,village,town,county, the state.Say "no" when to say "yes" is wrong & vice versa..Demand truth & accept nothing less... Don't vote for politicians ..We must eliminate the "two party" system..each side is as bad...We must reform government with " honest people " not honest politicians "...We must stop giving away our freedoms & individual rights ...Bring back God in schools & our daily lives...Bring back the family unit...Say "NO" to more taxes & reduce govn't by 2/3 rds..Let's fire them & rewrite our country. Every once in several generations a special person comes along who has both the knowledge & desire to lead & fight to change the system that inherently becomes abused & permeated with greed & desire for power & control.This person could otherwise play along & greatly benefit his own & enjoy the bounty of exploiting those less capable but chooses not to because of integrity & the want to keep this nation strong , prosperous, & have opportunity & freedom for all its citizens.To preserve the greatest nation ever conceived in the hearts & minds of men & fought & died for its preservation.I believe Ted Cruz can be that leader & I will follow his actions & support him & his followers should he take this challenge upon himself to reform our nations leadership & principles & justice.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

" Help " ... " Help " .... Held Hostage by Ephrata Boro ( Act 138 )

Arriving home this Thurs. 10/11/12 the " Ephrata Review was waiting my perusal.My worst "nightmare" became visible when I saw Gary Klinger's article " Stabilizing Power Costs ". My long standing dissent as respects Ephrata Boro's " Act 138 " which entails the purchasing & subsequent surcharged reselling of electricity creates a de facto" hidden tax" central fund for the purpose of uncontrolled & non resident approved spending on self interest & political agendas which the boro deem " beneficial " for the improvement of yours`& my well being.I have voiced my concerns in prior Boro meetings as`well as a posted Blog ( ). The fact that Boro residents are not protected by our Commonwealths " PUC" which regulates`& allows 85 % of   Pennsylvanians to shop & bid for any approved electric provider at lower costs we by virtue of a closed` door piece of legislation { Act 138..1996 ) are exempt from their protection & permits our Boro to charge us more than we otherwise could purchase without choice.This is a defacto "monopoly " being run by a local government.They now have gone too far as I previously predicted & feared & wished I were wrong . Effective 1/1/13 they have created a new revenue mechanism to be included in each residents monthly electric bill & call it a "PCA" ( power cost adjustment). Mr Klinger's article & Boro Mgr. Bob Thompson along with Boro Director of operations Tom Natarians explanation or political spin is that this protects us from a future collapse in some utility generating operation or an increase in fuel costs that could create a devastating need to increase our "electric " bills dramatically.

That is pure " poppycock " .. Do you really believe long established & professionally operated companies such as " PP & L " ; PECO; & others will collapse before Ephrata & the Boros recent purchases & equity interests & investments in out of state generation such as "AMP" Ohio with the surcharged  revenue fund & backing that with the Boro taxpayers as collateral ?  I don't & find it frightening.The "PCA" is being used as an illusion to mask the true & current state we now are facing.Ephrata wants to now charge more & create more hidden uncontrolled revenue to fund for poor investment returns & equity losses by companies that you & I have no say or idea how they are run or how much is being lost or is in danger of failure.Ephrata nor any local government body belongs operating a business with resident money & the residents have no say or choice.This is again  a  defacto "Monopoly". Its wrong & I would not mind as much if I had the same rights as all other Pennsylvanians to bid out & purchase  a less costly & more reliable provider of  "my choice".I do not however & the boro can charge me as they please & I cannot seek protection or relief from the Commonwealth that all other Pa. citizens can & I pay the same Pa taxes as they & get "NO" representation.Where have I heard that before?It was one of the catalysts that motivated our founding fathers & the people to unite to form the republic we now need to support & remember its strengths & foundations.

Do not take my word or dismiss it either. Please read up & discuss with your neighbors & friends & become more knowledgeable about " Act 138 " & this new " PCA" ( power cost adjustment ) eff. 1 /1 13 as well as Ephrata's outside ownership & equity interest  investments that if they fail or lose money what your future costs can be. Simply put  "ACT 138 " is wrong today & borders on possible de facto unconstitutionality from a state level & a monopolistic business control by a local boro.Their intentions may be good & I respect them however they have no place in the "utility industry " especially with yours & my money that we  have no say or protection.We deserve & should have the same right of choice as all other Pennsylvanians.Lets take back boro hall & demand that this new "PCA" revenue illusion is repealed & Act 138 seriously reformed.I again respect & love this community & have brought up my children here & want to keep the community both strong & run with its founding mission " the people "  not "boro hall "..Lets join together & truly rebuild Ephrata & put it back on the preferred 'map" & a place where affordable energy & choice exists for all.      

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Put A Tourniquet On Health Care Costs

With the economy collapsing all around us & the major emphasis centered around re-elections,increased banking fees,fraudulent investment & monopolistic energy practices,we sometimes fail to see the unabated daily greed and milking of basic human needs & services before our very eyes.

As part of a recent routine preventative annual medical physical, a fasting blood panel was`ordered to measure cholesterol,TSH,PSA,lipids & tryglceride levels.After less than a five minute procedure,I handed over my medical insurance card & went happily on my way.Two weeks later I was`shocked to receive a billing invoice from the lab service company that is contracted by my family primary-care provider.The total cost of the service was $ 456. of which my insurance would authorize only a 70 % payment & I was billed the balance.

With thousands of these routine prescribed lab services & tests being processed daily, it is no wonder that health insurance costs have escalated to unprecedented levels & the demand for more tax dollars continues to grow to help fund those who have lost-or cannot afford-any medical insurance.

Let's stop worrying more about political smoke & mirror promises,planes,cars,banking, & executive bonuses & start yelling at our legislators to put a "tourniquet" on & stop this bleeding of our basic life & health needs by these unscrupulous predators.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Act 138 " Ephrata Boro, Pa.-- Taxation w/o Representation &/or Municipal Monopoly ?

If your like myself with money being tight , an economy thats fragile , future costs sky-rocketing , e.g. utilities,taxes,licence fees,tolls,insurance,health costs ,tuitions & credit loan rates etc., & wages becoming frozen, with continued job & hourly reductions ,then hopefully you are as concerned as I & are willing to join your neighbors , fellow taxpayers , & boro residents, in helping to revise or have repealed " Act 138 " of Ephrata Boro passed quietly without public vote in 1996.

 Simply put this act allows the boro to purchase electricity on our behalf , at rates we could otherwise buy ourselves , as most residents in Pa. are now permitted , with the deregulation & open competitive legislation enacted in law , & monitored by the Pa. PUC & the office of the Pa State Consumer Advocate.The boro then sells that purchase back to you & I at surcharged higher rates  (varies by KWH used ) & puts that "profit" ( hidden tax ) in a common building fund ,to be spent at their choosing ,under the guise of whats best for our quality of life & public betterment.This is fact , & we are paying  more of  our hard earned dollars that we could spend ourselves on lifes needs & personal obligations.We should & do have the right to vote & determine where our taxes are spent.They do not call it a tax but in my opinion it is "de facto " a  hidden tax , or if not , then I believe its an unconstitutional municipal business profit without you or I having a vote as to how its spent.

This distribution sale is also in my opinion a "Municipal Monoply ", that I also question its "de facto " legitimacy.If we discount the prior interpretations I believe we sure can say its "Taxation "w/o  representation.My opinion is such because we pay the same taxes to support our state agencies as all other Pennsylvanians , but do not get the protection & services as they do.Thats correct.The Pa. "PUC" cannot regulate Ephrata Boro as "Act 138 " prohibits , & we are literally held "hostage " to our boroughs rate charges.With this in mind you would hope our current council leadership in todays difficult economic times would repeal or amend this distribution, & allow us the same purchasing & savings rights as Pa. legislation allows most other citizens under the " Electric Choice Program " if we so wish.
I believe this action defines the mindset & disregard our political systems today , have for our rights, our money, & our childrens future, in favor of their personal interest spending wishs & agendas.We can & we must stop this.We the people have put these individuals in office to represent our needs & demands , & we the people can  remove them.We must stand & be heard , & demand that "Act 138 " (1996) be revised or repealed, & that we as taxpayers demand the same rights & protection as other state citizens are receiving from all our state agencies, e.g. the  " PUC" that our taxes are supporting.I hope your feelings are similar to my own & that we make it clear that we will not continue paying this "hidden tax " any longer , &  will make it known at the "ballot " box.The time has come to stop these political dealings & the further erosion of our individual freedoms . Give the council another chance , to stand up with integrity, protect our rights, & to manage our money prudently.If they choose not to, then we must join together  & remove them at election time.

We can change " City Hall "  &   We must change " City Hall " !!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

" We Can Change City Hall "

Throughout my life I cannot count the times when I or others,felt that  our local government was out of sorts on a given issue, & acting in interests other than our own.I can remember when I first became confused about our "republic" form of democracy taught in American history class , when I challenged a local representative as to why a certain outdated issue still existed , &  that nobody appeared interested in reviewing or changing , if found not in our current best interest.My concern was met with a cold & curt answer ," You can't fight City Hall ", & trust that its in your best interest.Am I alone,or can you also recall a similar experience? For years I let it go because I was wrapped up with my own self interest of raising a family , building a career , & investing & saving for retirement.I now admit to feeling guilty ,because by not monitoring & keeping a watch on our politicians ,the inevitable erosion of our individual freedoms ,& the inherent misuse of power & self interest ,would eventually create the turmoils & economic conditions we are living today.Our republic was founded on the need for regular checks & balances to keep its integrity strong ,& our freedoms ongoing.I up to now have failed by not actively becoming involved with civic matters, however I know its now time to change.Yes! we can fight " City Hall ", & Yes ! we also can change it.We the people are in fact " City Hall ". It's ours & if we want it changed then we need to change it.Yes I mean change it ,because we in fact can.We are told we can't because the politicians we created know historically that we go away ,& never unify our common beliefs & objections, & never vote to change.We keep putting in the same ineffective self serving political individuals, who create a career office for themselves & work solely for their re-elections & own agendas , rather then represent our wants & needs, for which we elected & gave them our trust to do just that.To do for us & not themselves.
I took notice over my lifes experience that one way to motivate a politician is to threaten or give him or her the impression that their tenure is about to end , & that they will now be subject to their past actions ,& have to live with them as we do.It truly turns them 180 degrees at times & I laugh watching them stammer, turn on each other, deny any accountability, demonstrate spineless character ,& actually makes me feel sorry at  times for their pitifulness.We the people can & must now change this out of control & costly ineffective local government.Our senior citizens & our children ,& their children , need us to step up & do what has been long ignored. We must " Stand " & voice our dissatisfaction ,& demand to be " Heard " & change " City Hall " , & Yes ! fight it if me must.We the people must join together & vote together ,& put that fear in our representatives that their tenures are about to expire ,& hopefully they will hear our words & know that the "parties" are over.We the people are taking back ownership of our domain.
  • It's not to late & its not impossible.We can & we must start the movement.Once started I have faith & belief in my neighbors & fellow americans, that we will win & start revitalizing & rebuilding our towns & city's & country ,& bring it back to the grand nation of freedom , liberty, quality of life ,& opportunity we & our families & forefathers sacrificed & fought to create & preserve.