Sunday, October 2, 2011

Put A Tourniquet On Health Care Costs

With the economy collapsing all around us & the major emphasis centered around re-elections,increased banking fees,fraudulent investment & monopolistic energy practices,we sometimes fail to see the unabated daily greed and milking of basic human needs & services before our very eyes.

As part of a recent routine preventative annual medical physical, a fasting blood panel was`ordered to measure cholesterol,TSH,PSA,lipids & tryglceride levels.After less than a five minute procedure,I handed over my medical insurance card & went happily on my way.Two weeks later I was`shocked to receive a billing invoice from the lab service company that is contracted by my family primary-care provider.The total cost of the service was $ 456. of which my insurance would authorize only a 70 % payment & I was billed the balance.

With thousands of these routine prescribed lab services & tests being processed daily, it is no wonder that health insurance costs have escalated to unprecedented levels & the demand for more tax dollars continues to grow to help fund those who have lost-or cannot afford-any medical insurance.

Let's stop worrying more about political smoke & mirror promises,planes,cars,banking, & executive bonuses & start yelling at our legislators to put a "tourniquet" on & stop this bleeding of our basic life & health needs by these unscrupulous predators.

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