Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Act 138 " Ephrata Boro, Pa.-- Taxation w/o Representation &/or Municipal Monopoly ?

If your like myself with money being tight , an economy thats fragile , future costs sky-rocketing , e.g. utilities,taxes,licence fees,tolls,insurance,health costs ,tuitions & credit loan rates etc., & wages becoming frozen, with continued job & hourly reductions ,then hopefully you are as concerned as I & are willing to join your neighbors , fellow taxpayers , & boro residents, in helping to revise or have repealed " Act 138 " of Ephrata Boro passed quietly without public vote in 1996.

 Simply put this act allows the boro to purchase electricity on our behalf , at rates we could otherwise buy ourselves , as most residents in Pa. are now permitted , with the deregulation & open competitive legislation enacted in law , & monitored by the Pa. PUC & the office of the Pa State Consumer Advocate.The boro then sells that purchase back to you & I at surcharged higher rates  (varies by KWH used ) & puts that "profit" ( hidden tax ) in a common building fund ,to be spent at their choosing ,under the guise of whats best for our quality of life & public betterment.This is fact , & we are paying  more of  our hard earned dollars that we could spend ourselves on lifes needs & personal obligations.We should & do have the right to vote & determine where our taxes are spent.They do not call it a tax but in my opinion it is "de facto " a  hidden tax , or if not , then I believe its an unconstitutional municipal business profit without you or I having a vote as to how its spent.

This distribution sale is also in my opinion a "Municipal Monoply ", that I also question its "de facto " legitimacy.If we discount the prior interpretations I believe we sure can say its "Taxation "w/o  representation.My opinion is such because we pay the same taxes to support our state agencies as all other Pennsylvanians , but do not get the protection & services as they do.Thats correct.The Pa. "PUC" cannot regulate Ephrata Boro as "Act 138 " prohibits , & we are literally held "hostage " to our boroughs rate charges.With this in mind you would hope our current council leadership in todays difficult economic times would repeal or amend this distribution, & allow us the same purchasing & savings rights as Pa. legislation allows most other citizens under the " Electric Choice Program " if we so wish.
I believe this action defines the mindset & disregard our political systems today , have for our rights, our money, & our childrens future, in favor of their personal interest spending wishs & agendas.We can & we must stop this.We the people have put these individuals in office to represent our needs & demands , & we the people can  remove them.We must stand & be heard , & demand that "Act 138 " (1996) be revised or repealed, & that we as taxpayers demand the same rights & protection as other state citizens are receiving from all our state agencies, e.g. the  " PUC" that our taxes are supporting.I hope your feelings are similar to my own & that we make it clear that we will not continue paying this "hidden tax " any longer , &  will make it known at the "ballot " box.The time has come to stop these political dealings & the further erosion of our individual freedoms . Give the council another chance , to stand up with integrity, protect our rights, & to manage our money prudently.If they choose not to, then we must join together  & remove them at election time.

We can change " City Hall "  &   We must change " City Hall " !!!

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  1. It's good to know the truth. Thanks for doing this for the community!