Saturday, August 20, 2011

" We Can Change City Hall "

Throughout my life I cannot count the times when I or others,felt that  our local government was out of sorts on a given issue, & acting in interests other than our own.I can remember when I first became confused about our "republic" form of democracy taught in American history class , when I challenged a local representative as to why a certain outdated issue still existed , &  that nobody appeared interested in reviewing or changing , if found not in our current best interest.My concern was met with a cold & curt answer ," You can't fight City Hall ", & trust that its in your best interest.Am I alone,or can you also recall a similar experience? For years I let it go because I was wrapped up with my own self interest of raising a family , building a career , & investing & saving for retirement.I now admit to feeling guilty ,because by not monitoring & keeping a watch on our politicians ,the inevitable erosion of our individual freedoms ,& the inherent misuse of power & self interest ,would eventually create the turmoils & economic conditions we are living today.Our republic was founded on the need for regular checks & balances to keep its integrity strong ,& our freedoms ongoing.I up to now have failed by not actively becoming involved with civic matters, however I know its now time to change.Yes! we can fight " City Hall ", & Yes ! we also can change it.We the people are in fact " City Hall ". It's ours & if we want it changed then we need to change it.Yes I mean change it ,because we in fact can.We are told we can't because the politicians we created know historically that we go away ,& never unify our common beliefs & objections, & never vote to change.We keep putting in the same ineffective self serving political individuals, who create a career office for themselves & work solely for their re-elections & own agendas , rather then represent our wants & needs, for which we elected & gave them our trust to do just that.To do for us & not themselves.
I took notice over my lifes experience that one way to motivate a politician is to threaten or give him or her the impression that their tenure is about to end , & that they will now be subject to their past actions ,& have to live with them as we do.It truly turns them 180 degrees at times & I laugh watching them stammer, turn on each other, deny any accountability, demonstrate spineless character ,& actually makes me feel sorry at  times for their pitifulness.We the people can & must now change this out of control & costly ineffective local government.Our senior citizens & our children ,& their children , need us to step up & do what has been long ignored. We must " Stand " & voice our dissatisfaction ,& demand to be " Heard " & change " City Hall " , & Yes ! fight it if me must.We the people must join together & vote together ,& put that fear in our representatives that their tenures are about to expire ,& hopefully they will hear our words & know that the "parties" are over.We the people are taking back ownership of our domain.
  • It's not to late & its not impossible.We can & we must start the movement.Once started I have faith & belief in my neighbors & fellow americans, that we will win & start revitalizing & rebuilding our towns & city's & country ,& bring it back to the grand nation of freedom , liberty, quality of life ,& opportunity we & our families & forefathers sacrificed & fought to create & preserve.       

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  1. I am glad to see that we finally have a voice.
    Its been so long seeing City Hall do whatever they want without our best interest in mind. We must let them know that they are there to serve us and not the other way around. Without our votes these politians would not be there, so its time to let them know that we want to be "heard" and we want a change.....keep up with your blogs Robert for I have gotten up from my seat.