Sunday, October 14, 2012

" Help " ... " Help " .... Held Hostage by Ephrata Boro ( Act 138 )

Arriving home this Thurs. 10/11/12 the " Ephrata Review was waiting my perusal.My worst "nightmare" became visible when I saw Gary Klinger's article " Stabilizing Power Costs ". My long standing dissent as respects Ephrata Boro's " Act 138 " which entails the purchasing & subsequent surcharged reselling of electricity creates a de facto" hidden tax" central fund for the purpose of uncontrolled & non resident approved spending on self interest & political agendas which the boro deem " beneficial " for the improvement of yours`& my well being.I have voiced my concerns in prior Boro meetings as`well as a posted Blog ( ). The fact that Boro residents are not protected by our Commonwealths " PUC" which regulates`& allows 85 % of   Pennsylvanians to shop & bid for any approved electric provider at lower costs we by virtue of a closed` door piece of legislation { Act 138..1996 ) are exempt from their protection & permits our Boro to charge us more than we otherwise could purchase without choice.This is a defacto "monopoly " being run by a local government.They now have gone too far as I previously predicted & feared & wished I were wrong . Effective 1/1/13 they have created a new revenue mechanism to be included in each residents monthly electric bill & call it a "PCA" ( power cost adjustment). Mr Klinger's article & Boro Mgr. Bob Thompson along with Boro Director of operations Tom Natarians explanation or political spin is that this protects us from a future collapse in some utility generating operation or an increase in fuel costs that could create a devastating need to increase our "electric " bills dramatically.

That is pure " poppycock " .. Do you really believe long established & professionally operated companies such as " PP & L " ; PECO; & others will collapse before Ephrata & the Boros recent purchases & equity interests & investments in out of state generation such as "AMP" Ohio with the surcharged  revenue fund & backing that with the Boro taxpayers as collateral ?  I don't & find it frightening.The "PCA" is being used as an illusion to mask the true & current state we now are facing.Ephrata wants to now charge more & create more hidden uncontrolled revenue to fund for poor investment returns & equity losses by companies that you & I have no say or idea how they are run or how much is being lost or is in danger of failure.Ephrata nor any local government body belongs operating a business with resident money & the residents have no say or choice.This is again  a  defacto "Monopoly". Its wrong & I would not mind as much if I had the same rights as all other Pennsylvanians to bid out & purchase  a less costly & more reliable provider of  "my choice".I do not however & the boro can charge me as they please & I cannot seek protection or relief from the Commonwealth that all other Pa. citizens can & I pay the same Pa taxes as they & get "NO" representation.Where have I heard that before?It was one of the catalysts that motivated our founding fathers & the people to unite to form the republic we now need to support & remember its strengths & foundations.

Do not take my word or dismiss it either. Please read up & discuss with your neighbors & friends & become more knowledgeable about " Act 138 " & this new " PCA" ( power cost adjustment ) eff. 1 /1 13 as well as Ephrata's outside ownership & equity interest  investments that if they fail or lose money what your future costs can be. Simply put  "ACT 138 " is wrong today & borders on possible de facto unconstitutionality from a state level & a monopolistic business control by a local boro.Their intentions may be good & I respect them however they have no place in the "utility industry " especially with yours & my money that we  have no say or protection.We deserve & should have the same right of choice as all other Pennsylvanians.Lets take back boro hall & demand that this new "PCA" revenue illusion is repealed & Act 138 seriously reformed.I again respect & love this community & have brought up my children here & want to keep the community both strong & run with its founding mission " the people "  not "boro hall "..Lets join together & truly rebuild Ephrata & put it back on the preferred 'map" & a place where affordable energy & choice exists for all.      

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