Friday, September 11, 2015

Support Our Police

" Thank you officer "... It's unfortunate those simple words are rarely spoken in todays violent times.The men & women who swore an oath to defend our laws & safeguard our livlihoods from unlawful attacks now themselves are being attacked.They put their lives each day on the line when they assimilate the duties of " public protector " & respond to our calls for help & support.
What kind of world would we have without their presence? It would be a world where our children could not grow & play without fear; a world where the elderly can no longer defend themselves from predatory assaults; a world where we could not work or sleep without our lives being subjected to unlawful victimization.It would be a world of " anarchy " where " evil " consumes " good " & we would live in perpetual peril & violence.Let us show the criminals that we " support " our police & we are thankful for their sacrifices which provide for our safety & well being & that in a time of crisis we have their back.
The police & law enforcement community deserve our " support " & our " respect " & not our " disdain ". I am ever thankful that I live in a community where  when necessary & called upon I can say " Yes officer " & " Thank you officer ". God bless & protect our men & women who wear the badge of honor, " Our Police ".  

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